Thursday, 3 March 2011

How to Find The Best US Real Estate Agent

One of the most important decisions for an overseas investor looking to enter the US real estate market is to identify a good real estate agent. This is not something that will happen overnight, but it will happen.

I'd recommend to contact as many agents as possible (you can find them through sites like Trulia and Zillow). Get them to sign you up to the MLS and Listingbook services. Ask them lots of questions because it's always a good idea to get an answer from a completely different perspective.

So in summary:

  • Contact agents via sites like Trulia and Zillow
  • Get them to sign you up to the  MLS and Listingbook services
  • Ask them as many questions as you can
  • Build a good rapport with them
  • Find out if they do property management (it's a good idea to find an agent who can look after the whole process for you)

If you would like to get our agent's contact details or have any questions, then contact us.

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